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Apprentice Orientation

The Online Apprentice Orientation provides information about the union for all new Apprentice members. Topics include: your rights on set; your obligations as a member; benefits, the paperwork; and who’s who at ACTRA.

Please note:
ACTRA Montreal members must contact their branch ( or 514-844-3318) to register for the Montreal Apprentice course.
UBCP/ACTRA members can contact their branch ( or 604-689-0727) to register for the BC Specific UBCP/ACTRA Orientation course.


Module 1 ACTRA Apprentice Member Orientation: Introduction
Unit 1 Apprentice Orientation: Course Navigation
Unit 2 Apprentice Orientation: Saving Your Progress and Modules
Unit 3 Apprentice Orientation: Course Troubleshooting/ Contacting ACTRA
Unit 4 Apprentice Orientation: Welcome to ACTRA
Module 2 ACTRA 101
Unit 1 ACTRA 101: Introduction
Unit 2 ACTRA’s Jurisdiction and History
Unit 3 What ACTRA Does
Unit 4 What ACTRA Does NOT Do
Unit 5 ACTRA’s Structure
Unit 6 Tools and More
Unit 7 ACTRAonline
Unit 8 ACTRA 101 Quiz
Module 3 ACTRA & You
Unit 1 Apprentice Member to Full Membership
Unit 2 Being an Apprentice Member
Unit 3 Becoming a Full Member
Unit 4 Responsibilities as a Member
Unit 5 Work Rules
Unit 6 By-Laws and Constitution
Unit 7 Union vs. Non-Union Productions
Unit 8 Permit Fees
Unit 9 IPA Permits
Unit 10 NCA Permits
Unit 11 ACTRA and You Quiz
Module 4 Working on Set
Unit 1 Your Rights and Responsibilities on Set
Unit 2 Standing up for You: ACTRA Representatives
Unit 3 Auditions
Unit 4 Bookings
Unit 5 Category of Performance
Unit 6 Postponement
Unit 7 Upgrades
Unit 8 Problems on Set
Unit 9 Safety on Set
Unit 10 Injury and Illness on Set
Unit 11 Harassment on Set
Unit 12 HAVEN
Unit 13 Working on Set Quiz
Module 5 Collective Agreements
Unit 1 Collective Agreements: Introduction
Unit 2 Preference of Engagement
Unit 3 IPA Basics
Unit 4 IPA Performance Categories
Unit 5 IPA Performance Rates
Unit 6 IPA Forms
Unit 7 IPA Performer Contract
Unit 8 IPA Work Report (Time Sheet)
Unit 9 IPA Background Voucher
Unit 10 NCA Basics
Unit 11 NCA Auditions
Unit 12 NCA Performance Categories
Unit 13 NCA Performance Rates
Unit 14 NCA Commercial Engagement Contract
Unit 15 Low Budget Agreements
Unit 16 Collective Agreements Quiz
Module 6 Payments
Unit 1 Payments: Introduction
Unit 2 Minimum Calls
Unit 3 Use Fees/IPA
Unit 4 Prepayment, Advance Payment and Residuals
Unit 5 ACTRA Performers’ Rights Society (PRS)
Unit 6 Residuals/NCA
Unit 7 Payments Quiz
Module 7 ACTRA Apprentice Member Orientation: Course Conclusion
Unit 1 ACTRA Apprentice Orientation: Course Conclusion